Happy 125th birthday!

Happy 125th birthday North Primary School!

At 9am on 12th November 1894, North Street Board School opened its doors to the first 181 pupils. 

Today, as the pupils arrived at school, the excitement grew. The Victorian school bell rang out, celebrating this special day. For many, this was the first time they had heard the school bell. It is only the second time it has been rung since the centenary in 1994. A special start to a very special day.

Headteacher Alan Garnett was recorded at 9am, the exact moment when North opened 125 years ago. It was a proud and special moment.

The whole school will be celebrating at a whole school birthday ceremony which includes special guests, speeches, singing, birthday cake and presents.

North will open its doors to the whole community on Saturday 16th November, 1 – 5pm, for an amazing birthday party. Come and join in the fun!

Birthday party invitation