What has happened over the last 25-years?

Year 5 pupils reporting

We have investigated what happened in world history?

There was an Oklahoma city bombing on 19 April, it was a 5000 pound bomb.

NASA’s Mars pathfinder landed and rover arrived at Mars during 1997.

The first book in the award-winning Harry Potter series by JK Rowling is published in 1998, ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’.

On December 3rd 1998 a hurricane rips across central America killing an estimated 10,000 people. It was thought to be the worst storm in two centuries.

The Prime Ministers were John Major, 1990 – 1997, and Tony Blair, 1997 – 2007, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

For the whole of the 25-years, Queen Elizabeth has proudly reigned.

The favourite singers were: Puff Daddy and Faith Evans, Elton John, Aqua, No Doubt, Chumbawamba, The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Oasis, Barbara Streisand and Madonna.

On the 5th of November 2008, Barack Obama was elected as America’s first black president.

During this time at North Primary School, we have learnt that each lesson was an hour long. Mr Betts was a maths co-ordinator.

In 1996 Year 6 children had SATs tests. They had a harvest festival in September. Mrs Blackwell (Chair of Governors) was still here.

Here is a quote from a meeting: ‘We aim through high quality teaching to develop every child’s academic and personal potential.’

The pupils went on trips to Brightlingsea beach, Colne Valley Railway, Harwich, Alderburgh, The House on the Hill Toy Museum, Stanstead, Colchester Castle and Colchester Zoo.

Clubs and extra activities were: gardening, chess, choir, recorders, netball and football.

Norths Choir rehearsing in the Music Studio

They raised money for the following charities: Children in Need, The Bosnia Appeal (Christian Aid), Dun Blane Action Aid.

Events held by the North School Association were: the 50/50 sale, Nutty Norman’s Disco, Ice Skating, School Fete and barbecue, Christmas Bazaar, Quiz Night.

The children played with the Nintendo 64 and they played with transformers.