Headteacher John Bezzant, by Year 5 pupils

John Bezzant was researched by pupils Darion, Aleks, Miranda, Lewis, Sebastian and Nasi

John Bezzant, headmaster 1954 – 1977.


Our research is about learning and rules at the time of John Bezzant.  Mr Bezzant was headteacher at North School for 23 years from 1954 to 1977.

During this time, in 1969, NASA sent Saturn V to the moon under project Apollo.  North School had a science topic and learnt about the moon and former pupil Rob Brown remembers passing moon rock around in assembly.

From John Bezzant’s book ‘Modern Teaching: Junior School section, Art and Handiwork’, we learnt that children used to have a lesson about Ruler Drawing and how to make 3d objects from paper such as a triangular prism and square pyramid.  They also learnt about conversation using the Ethel Cotton book. 

On sports day the children did an egg and spoon race which we still do today. They also did a hula hoop race.  This photo was shared on Facebook by Rob Brown.

David Brown c1968 egg & spoon race. Donated by Robert Brown.

 We looked at the Infant School Log Book (1922 – 1963). On 21 June 1956 the school sports were held in the junior school playground.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester presented the prizes.  Today Mr Garnett, out headteacher presents the prizes.

During Mr Bezzant’s time as head these are the names of some teachers: Class 1 Mrs Blackwood, Mrs Forsdike, Mrs Rudkin and Miss Dove.