1920 – 1944

John Harper retired in 1922 after 28 years at North Street School.  He was replaced by Captain Twyman until 1932 and then by Edwin Chisnell.  In the infants, Miss Peachy took over from Georgina Newman in 1920 staying until Constance Weatherall was appointed in 1932.

Sporting success continued with North Street School multiple wins of the Herring Bowl for athletics, the Coates-Hutton Swimming Shield, and the Markham Shield for football.

The Junior Red Cross met at school in the evenings from 1923 with many members attending the school during the day.  As part of this, a baby clinic was held at school and in 1925 Princess Mary visited Colchester and inspected the Red Cross girls at a rally in Birch.

Modern technology was becoming an increasing feature.  A wireless fund was set up in 1925, electric lights were fitted throughout the school, slide projectors were used in many lessons from 1930, and a telephone was finally installed in 1942.

Soon after his appointment, Mr Chisnell arranged the school into four houses: Cymbeline, Scott, Gilberd and Lawrence.

School life was inevitably interrupted during World War Two, with some students evacuated to the country and even to Canada.  Others remained in Colchester and remember singing in the air raid shelters which are still visible at the back of the playground.