1894 – 1919

North Street Board School opened at 9am on 12 November 1894 with 282 children present. John Harper was head teacher in the junior department and Georgina Newman was head of the infants.

The first years of the school were characterised by rising attendance and the appointment of new teaching staff, but also by absences due to illness such as whopping cough, measles and diphtheria. 

Sport quickly became an important part of school life, with swimming lessons, cricket and football teams, and a daily drill of physical exercises.  North Street Board School was one of twelve schools nationally chosen to demonstrate this to the Prince and Princess of Wales at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1902.

During the First World War, staff and former pupils served in the forces on the western and other fronts, while families at home lived with rationing and air raids.  On the first Remembrance Day in 1919, fifty photographs of those who had died were displayed in the junior hall, although we now know that 76 former pupils had been killed. More information on our first world war research can be found here.