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Name Ian Rose
Story title My late fathers (Frederick Peter) memories of life at North St School in wartime
Year: 1939 - 1945
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When I first became aware of my surroundings that I can recall, was when I started school, on or about my fourth birthday, when I started school, in the nursery class at North St. School, and I seem to recall that the teacher was a Miss Stewart. This part of the school was more modern than the main building, and to me always seemed to be bright and airy. There was a cloakroom, where every pupil was allocated his own clothes peg, all being individually marked by a logo that the pupil could easily recognise, such as an apple, or a tree etc. The nursery class had a large hall type of room, where the various activities took place, and in the afternoon’s we were all given a mattress to lay on, whilst we took a half hours rest, and this room opened via large French windows, onto the playground. Across the playground and against the boundary wall, the air raid shelter had been built, and on occasions when the “air raid warning” siren was heard, we were all promptly herded in, until the “all clear” siren was heard. I have clear recollections of having been home to dinner one day, and starting to make my way back to school, being about halfway there, hearing the siren, and being in a quandary, whether to go back home, or carry on to school, decided to press on, and ran all way, to be met at the shelter, by the teacher and quickly hustled inside and getting told off for dawdling. Needless to say, nothing happened, and in due course we went back into school. All of my early schooldays took place during the second world war, 1939 to 1945, and due to circumstances, this meant that many of my friends had fathers who were away in the forces, and in many cases the children had no knowledge of a home life with mother and father both being part of their lives, and because of this fact, children tended to have many friends in the local children. My two sisters were born on 2-5-1943,and being just five years younger than myself, this put them in a different group of friends. Thinking about it now, 5 years doesn’t seem much of a gap, but when you are only young, it is a huge gap.