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Name Ann Gardner
Story title Wooden pencil case
Year: 1921
My Memory...

This pencil case was used by two generations of this family from 1921. Dorothy lived in Mile End and travelled by bus to North. There was no particular uniform at the time but clothes were handed down from older girls. Dorothy wore boots with lots of buttons which used to belong to her grandma. She was teased at school because it took a long time to fasten them up. Because they lived too far away from school to go home for dinner, they had to sit in a wooden shed in the playground with a flask. The boys did Morris dancing at school with Mr Heard. Dorothy remembers doing reading, writing and arithmetic but the girls also did drill. She remembers making a dragonfly using beads threaded onto a wire. She also made a hair tidy and a gymslip in bottle green material.
The pencil case was then used by Ann Gardner during her school career