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Name Colin Spriggs
Story title My memory of the football team, sports, travelling to school
Year: 1951 - 1955
My Memory...

Played with school football team in 1955.
Home games were played in Lower Park near boating lake.
Regular playtimes were football and cricket. The wickets were painted on the school wall.
Went home for dinners.
Also remember playing rounders and sports day.
Passed 11+
Headteacher - Mr Bezzant
Teachers - Mr Foulkes, Mrs Sach
Pupils - Bernard le Bargy, Richard Hammett, Robert Martin, Tony Webb, Chris Salter, Graham Everett, David Innes

Caught bus opposite Essex County Hospital (Lexden Road). Walked home lunch time, then bus back after lunch. It was quite a long walk home after lunch. One day my friend Roland South was run into by a cyclist at the bottom of Balkerne Hill near cattle market.

Would certainly like to have a look at school if there is another open day.