CXXV Book Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of the book CXXV: North Primary School’s 125th Anniversary by Laura Davison and Claire Driver.

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From Alan Garnett, Headteacher
There is something precious about this school.’
A quote you will find in this book. If you want to know who said it, you will just have to read the book. It will be time well spent. You will not be disappointed. Every page gives testament to those words. The book is full of the memories of staff and pupils who either gave a part of their careers and lives to the school or whose experience of it shaped them. 

If you have no association with North, it will not matter. The anecdotes, the incidents, are specific to North but they will provoke in all readers their own memories of their school days in whichever decade or whichever town or village they lived.

When I became the Head, in 2001 I had no inkling of the importance the heritage of the school would become to me in my role. Preserving the architecture, celebrating its history – so brilliantly captured in this book – has been a source of immense pride. Being the Headteacher of North Primary School and Nursery has been the best job I have ever had.

This community school has been enriched by the passion and talents of so many local people, many giving freely of their time to make a difference to the children and families we serve. This book captures that dedication. And, of course, this actual book would not be possible without that passion and commitment. CXXV Project Manager, Laura Davison and Historian, Claire Driver, have compiled and archived all these memories. You will soon discover what an incredible achievement this book is.

About the book
The book tells the journey of the project, how we worked and what we did, ranging from the research and community engagement through to the people we met, the final celebration events, and the artworks by Lisa Temple-Cox and Nicola Burrell. It brings together our research of North’s history, illustrated by the wonderful photographs and memories that were donated to the school’s archive.

The book also includes a series of articles, generously contributed by individuals which provide us with a different insight into the story of North School. Articles are:

Tales from the Churchyard by Liz White
Uncle Henry by Paul Gallifant
North Street School by Susan Wilson
Architect’s Tale by Robin Matthews
A Walk Down Memory Lane by Peter Constable

What the authors say
Claire Driver
CXXV has been a very special project. We’ve reached people whose connection with the school stretches back over 100 years enabling us to tell the story from the very beginning.  Researching, sharing, and celebrating this history with today’s pupils and more widely with the people of Colchester has been a real pleasure.

Laura Davison
The response and support from within the school and wider community, has been incredible. The CXXV book is a lasting legacy of North Primary School’s 125th-anniversary project and is dedicated to the many people who took part on the journey with us.

Book details
Publisher: eyeglass books
ISBN: 978-1-9164719-7-9
Pages: 103
Cost: Special launch price £12

Thanks to National Lottery players, this was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We are grateful to all the individuals and organisations who supported CXXV, including Lexden History Group, Colchester Recalled, Essex Record Office, and Sir Bob Russell, High Steward of Colchester.