125 Years gets off to great start

Photo: Pictured appropriately below our Homecoming artwork: Rosina Hawes (2005) grand-daughter of Gwenda Read (1947) Jill Holland (1948), Susan Wilson (1959) and David Holland (1945)

CXXV is North Schools new two-year initiative involving families pupils and staff past and present in a project to capture and share memories of school and community since it opened in November 1984. Here’s an extract from the school Newsline:

“The first community event of our anniversary project was a great success. 102 former pupils, staff and governors signed up to be involved. There were people with connections going back to the earliest days. In the photo above everybody organised themselves in order of when they started at North, up to the present day in Reception. Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to explore the school, meet old friends -two men had not seen each other for 50 years. Some brought photos which were copied and added to the archive. Whilst the older visitors reminisced there was plenty for children to do. They could look at lots of artefacts brought in by artist Lisa Temple-Cox and members of Lexden History Society. There was a photo puzzle to complete and they could make a cardboard model of the bell tower with Nicola Burrell. Refreshments were provided by Tesco’s and served by our NSA.”