My thoughts on North Street

by Eric Shaw, attended North 1951-1956

I first attended age 5 in 1951 and started in the nursery which was the building on the left hand side before moving into a classroom which was the first on the left in the hall area and my teacher was Miss Leech.  I think that it was just after that Mr Bezzant joined as headmaster and his daughter Susan was in my class. I was always in trouble, I was quite often required to go to his office but I never found him scary he seemed a nice man.

My home life was not very good with my mother struggling to bring up three children on her own. She had to go off to work at 6.30 and we were left to get ourselves to school and sort breakfast out.

As the pantry was often bear my brother and I used to go to the side door of Stowes bakery in John Harper Street and most mornings we would get a couple of crispy rolls just as they came out of the oven and my lingering memory is digging out the hot middle then crunching the roll down.

My memories of the school were all good. Our teacher Miss Leech was very strict. The teacher we were scared of had a classroom outside of the main building I think he took RE his name was Mr Bennett.

My personal saviours were the dinner ladies,  who looked out for me and often gave me a cuddle. All in all I have only good memories of North Street School.

Images kindly shared by Eric Shaw.